Parquet Flooring is the artistry designed on the floors that attract everyone’s attention to its beauty and charm. This parquet is the design of wooden flooring in geometrical patterns, lozenges, mosaics, or angular.

This design contains curves or angles. That is the most popular design in the United Kingdom. The parquet design on the floor is different from regular flooring that has more worthy than other types.

This is no less than a jewel of the house. The parquet flooring consists of small pieces or patterns that are very delicate and sensitive to moisture. While the other types of flooring like hardwood are not less sensitive. This beautiful intricate pattern sketch in the geometrical presentation looks so captivating for viewers.

In this blog, we will dive into the art of parquet flooring. Additionally, we will check out which company is most reliable in offering this service. So stay engaged with us throughout this blog.

The Art of Parquet Flooring – Styles and Designs

Parquet flooring designs are more than just art it is the creativity that transforms the space into classical and mesmerizing aesthetics. Parquet has distinctive artistry designs and styles that add character and attractiveness to the space.

The variety is endless, so the art of parquet flooring that we are going to explain below will help you to choose your design as per your preference.

Showcasing Some unique Art of Parquet Flooring

Explore the dazzling art of parquet flooring in this section. That will add value to your home or commercial spaces as well.

Herringbone Elegance – Attractive Pattern Flooring

This art of parquet flooring is more than the wood plank design. It boasts the creativity and artistry that shows in the styles and types. So the Herringbone elegance drags everyone’s attention to its awestruck patterns. This is the everlasting charming and captivating herringbone design.

This belongs to the traditional and classical ground and uplifts the visualization of the space to the next level. This striking design covers traditional to contemporary interiors. Additionally, it transforms the hall area, living area, offices, and commercial floorings due to its high-end durability and practicality.

Gives Dash Look With Alluring Chevron Parquet Flooring Design

Another yet most fantastic art of parquet flooring is chevron design. That brings the old cultural heritage glimpse into the designs. This classical representation enrolls with the unique and rare pattern that beholds everyone’s attention to it.

Chevron patterns art of parquet flooring meet all wood plank angles perfectly. The intricate styles of wood plants will elevate the look of your entire house.

Versatile Basket Weave

Showcase the brilliance of aesthetics through the art of parquet flooring. In which the distinctive design is a basket weave that is meticulously crafted with geometric mosaic patterns.

That brings the fascinating and imaginary landscape. This stunning graphical basket weave flaunts the space with textures and depths. This design was so popular in the back of history and also covered the contemporary interiors.

Add Striking Geometric Mosaic

Enter the world of hypnotizing Geometric mosaics that have value and uniqueness in design. These textures and patterns simultaneously uplift the visualization of the space. it includes the interesting and captivating shapes and patterns done with wood planks.

It can also be customized as per your preferences. Place this art of parquet flooring into your bedroom, library, living area, and drawing room as well as in any commercial place.

Radiant Sun-Burst

If you want to add flair and distinctive styles to your flooring then choose the radiant sunburst artistic designs. That is delicately crafted with the eye-catching beauty of sunburst patterns and textures. This shows the burst of sunlight that will transform the space with warmth and vitality.

French Weave

The other type of parquet flooring is the French weave which has a dramatic and bold theme. That crafting with the weave pattern shows simplicity and sophistication in design. No more zigzag textures it is a simple and decent flooring style.

Mixing and Matching

In this style of parquet flooring, one can mix and match the other art and creativity to produce a unique theme and texture. That is also very edginess and has so many stories in the textures and patterns. This can easily resonate with your style of interiors.

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